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Cartilage Care Super Strength Cartilage Care Super Strength

Cartilage Care Super Strength is a perfect combination - very high levels of pure Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulphate. Cartilage Care Super Strength contains twice to ten times the amount of active ingredients found in many other competitive equine joint care products on the market and provides great value for money.

Glucosamine HCL both supports and helps maintain the animal's healthy cartilage for effective equine joint care .

Chondroitin attracts hydration to the cartilage, thus giving fluid and elasticity to strengthen it. Chondroitin can also support the joint cartilage from being attacked by aggressive enzymes and assists with protective equine joint care.

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Each 1 Kg tub contains:
- 714g of Glucosamine HCL
- 250g of Chondroitin Sulphate
- 36g of Manganese Ascorbate

Recommended serving: (Based upon a 500Kg horse).
Build up (up to first 40 days) - 20g a day
Maintenance -10g a day

Price: £83.00 plus £5 per tub shipping in the UK

Reduced shipping cost when you buy 4-10 tubs - £15.00 for the total quantity.

Trade enquiries and bulk orders please email for quotation. 

Price:   £83.00

Online Shop > Cartilage Care Super Strength

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