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Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Joint Supplements

Q. There are so many different equine joint care products on the market, why are your products are the best ones to use?

A. Our products are the most concentrated and potent available on the market and are of pharmaceutical grade and therefore fit for human consumption. (See below) Many of our customers are former users of ‘brand name’ horse joint care products, and remain using Holistic Horse Health products because they feel that they achieve better results with them.

Q. In what way do you feel your equine joint care products are superior to other products on the market for horses, containing similar ingredients?

A. Our products are the most concentrated products of this type (MSM, Chondroitin, and Glucosamine) available on the market, even including those prescribed by your Vet. Although our products can be more expensive than other products available from saddlery retail outlets, using similar ingredients, they are a lot more concentrated, more effective and gram for gram (or oz for oz) of active ingredient  (i.e. MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine), better value for money. Our products are always less expensive than similar products of this type available from Veterinary surgeon’s (and usually more concentrated) because we sell directly to the public (no ‘middle man’) for more comparisons between our products and others available, please use this product comparison link.

Q. What sort of problems can Chondroitin and/or Glucosamine products help with?

A. Horses with  limited mobility problems.

Q. Do your products have any unwanted side effects or react against any medication my vet may prescribe?

A. No, all of the ingredients we use are naturally sourced. Glucosamine & Chondroitin are marine sourced and MSM is naturally occurring bio available sulphur.

Q.  Are there any advantages in having Chondroitin in horse joint supplements, if so, what are the advantages?

A. There are many advantages in having Chondroitin in your horse’s supplement.  Chondroitin is a major component of cartilage itself.   Chondroitin sulphate collects nutrients for the chondrocyte cells (which make the collagen and proteoglycans), which is essential, because cartilage has no blood supply to provide nutrients.

Q.  Why don’t you do Chondroitin only horse joint supplements for horses?

A. Studies have shown that both Chondroitin and Glucosamine are not as effective when taken on their own as they are when they are taken together.

Dr Jason Theodosakis, the world-renowned authority says:

‘My opinion is that some glucosamine manufacturers and vitamin salesman have been trying to tell the public that glucosamine, not chondroitin is the key to joint health. This is just plain wrong and does us all a great disservice. When reviewing all of the research on both glucosamine and chondroitin, it is very clear that chondroitin is more effective than glucosamine, but the combination of the two is best. This is why I believe it is foolish to use glucosamine alone, without chondroitin.’

Q.  Why is your Glucosamine HCL Super Strength product less expensive than the Cartilage Care Super Strength product?

A. Cartilage Care contains Chondroitin as well as Glucosamine. Chondroitin can be as much as around 6 – 8 times more expensive to purchase then Glucosamine HCL. Chondroitin Sulphate is derived from shark cartilage and animal trachea. It is finer in consistency than Glucosamine, hence making it a lengthier and more expensive process to blend with another ingredient, such as Glucosamine. (We use Chondroitin from shark’s cartilage in our products.)

Q.  Why do you do a Glucosamine only product and also a Glucosamine with Chondroitin product as well?

A. See above (the two ingredients together are the most effective). However, many people, including vets are still not clear about the advantages of using the two together, so we offer our customer’s the less expensive alternative of using just Glucosamine.

Q.  What is the full name of MSM and what does it do?

A. The correct name for MSM is ‘ Methyl sulphonylmethane’. MSM is a natural source of bio-available sulphur, which can help to support and maintain healthy connective and muscle tissue, and helps the body to sustain itself by providing the tissues with bio-available sulphur, which is essential to the horse’s diet. MSM can also assist blood circulation.

MSM can aid general health, flexibility and mobility in sport and veteran horses by soothing stiffness.

Q.  Can I give my horse MSM at the same time as either Glucosamine and/or Chondroitin?

A. Yes.  MSM will not react against either Glucosamine or Chondroitin

Q.  Do you do an MSM mix with Chondroitin and/or Glucosamine in the same mix?

A. No. This is because a 500g horse would then need 20g of supplement a day as a maintenance serving to obtain optimum benefits, as opposed to 10g a day of any one product.

Q.  Is it possible to overfeed any of these horse health products?

A. No. Obviously, the correct amount should be given as per the feeding chart, but even if you were to exceed the serving rate by 10, which is highly unlikely, your horse should not show any ill effects

Q.  What will happen if I run out and my horse does not have his supplement for several days?

A. It takes a while for these products to get into the horses system, but it also takes a while for the benefits of having used these ingredients, to cease when the supplement is not given.

Q.  What are ‘bulk fillers’ and ‘added ingredients’?

A. They are usually inexpensive ingredients, which often don’t aid joint care, which simply ‘bulk up’ and make up the weight of your tub of supplement such as, for e.g. dextrose (sugar!) limestone flour, Alf-Alfa (which you can inexpensively buy in 20Kg bags) etc. At Holistic Horse Health we do not use any bulk fillers, just pure active ingredients.

Q.  My horse is a fussy eater. Is he likely to know that I have put one of your horse supplements in his feed?

A. No, not as a rule. The vast majority of our customers don’t have any problem with this. The products do not smell or taste excessively unpleasant. However, if you do encounter any difficulties, mix the supplement with some yoghurt and feed in an old worming syringe.

Q.  Can I give your products to my cat and dog or even take them myself?

A. Yes. These ingredients are effective for all mammals (given in the correct serving) One of our customers gives both MSM & Cartilage Care to her goose, to good effect. Holland & Barrett Health Food stores sell products with similar or the same ingredients for humans.

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