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MSM Super Strength

MSM Super Strength

MSM Super Strength is a natural source of bio-available sulphur. It can help to maintain healthy connective and muscle tissues and soothe uncomfortable joints. Sulphur is an essential component in joint cartilage and tendons and other connective tissues, and is an important ingredient in horse joint supplements.

MSM can also assist blood circulation and help to maintain a healthy gut. As with all of our horse joint supplements products, MSM does not have any known harmful side effects and is a natural ingredient of pharmaceutical grade. MSM may be used in conjunction with either of our horse joint supplements,
Cartilage Care SS or Glucosamine HCL SS and is particularly useful for older horses or those who take part in strenuous activity.

Holistic Horse Health MSM is in purest form and is USA patented - OPTI MSM ®

Each 1 KG tub of MSM contains:
- 964g of MSM
- 36g of Manganese Ascorbate

Recommended serving: (Based upon a 500Kg horse)
Build up (first 14 days) - 20g a day
Maintenance - 6g to 10g a day

Price: £46.00 plus £5 per tub shipping in the UK

Reduced shipping cost when you buy 4-10 tubs - £15.00 for the total quantity.

Trade enquiries and bulk orders please email for quotation. 

Price:   £46.00

Online Shop > MSM Super Strength

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