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Comments about our Horse Joint Supplements from some of our satisfied customers

Lorraine Green - Sales Director of Horsesense says
I run a well-known Saddlery retail outlet in the West Midlands and both my staff and I highly recommend this range of products to our customers. We tried Cartilage Care in trials over two years ago on a 28-year-old show jumping pony, who had involuntarily retired due to general stiffness and joint problems. Cartilage Care gave support to his stiff joints, allowing him a greater range of movement. At a later stage, we were able to put him on to the Glucosamine HCL SS product, after he had been back into full work for several months. We had tried this pony on many other different Glucosamine and/or Chondroitin products, before putting him onto this range, but nothing else gave the same results, to enable him to start competing and smiling again. Several of our customers have reported similar results”.
James Beard (N.D. Equine Sc.) - Equine therapist, says:
I fully endorse this range of products. I feel that they are the best and regularly recommend them to my clients. I have seen these products give ‘write offs’ a new lease of life and my clients have been delighted with the results”.
Irene Wilkinson from Barlow says:
I am very impressed with Cartilage Care this is an excellent product. I had previously tried other products on my horse ‘Jaffa’ and found none to be as effective as Cartilage Care”.
Angie Dickinson from Stoke-on-Trent says:
I am really pleased to have found your product Glucosamine HCL SS. It represents value for money and more importantly, it really works!”
Lesley Brown from Tamworth says:
”Since I started giving my horse ‘Gulliver’ your product ‘Cartilage Care’, I have seen a marked difference in his mobility. I have yet to find another product as potent as this one. I can definitely recommend Cartilage Care”.

Mandy Mason from Derbyshire says:
I will definitely keep using your product Glucosamine HCL SS. I feel that it is well recommended”.
Sue Cooper from Sterlingshire says:
My 17-year-old horse had joint problems some years ago and had become very stiff in recent years. I put him on to Cartilage Care for six months and then on to your Glucosamine product along with your MSM product, which he is still on. I am very impressed with the results. My horse is now able to happily go on a 10 mile hack and we have started some jumping again. He is definitely a ‘happy chappy’ now. Thank you for this excellent range of products”.
J Butlow from Nottinghamshire says:
This is an excellent range of products. I like the fact that the label and leaflets enclosed with them, are both easy to understand and informative, with plenty of information about the active ingredients and how much to give etc. I have tried many different products over the years and this range is definitely the best. Well done”.
D Leonard from W. Midlands says:
I have tried several well-known ‘brand name’ products on my horses over recent years and I have found that your products work the best. I will not be using any thing else from now on. Well done Holistic Horse health”.

Mr & Mrs Read (Graham & Carol) of Botuf Flemming say:
"We first contacted Lesley, of Holistic Horse Health, last year as the concerned owners of a 32 year old Russian x TB Mare, called Saranacha.  Our farrier was having grave difficulty in trimming Saranacha’s feet. She particularly objected to having her front feet trimmed, as she found it very difficult to stand on one leg, due to extreme stiffness and discomfort in her shoulders. Lesley recommended that we put Saranacha on both Cartilage Care-Super Strength and MSM- Super Strength. Our farrier was very impressed with the results the next time he trimmed Saranacha’s feet as she found it far easier to stand on three legs and she has continued to improve. Our Vet commented recently upon how well Saranacha looked when he arrived to see her happily having a good old gallop around the field, and also said that he could see a marked difference in her general well being.  We have had excellent results from Holistic Horse Health’s products, which exceed other products we have tried, and we still continue to give Saranacha MSM and Cartilage Care."

Gini Guttery from Haxby, Yorks, says:
"I have been giving my 26 year old Alex, Holistic Horse Health’s Cartilage Care and MSM for over a year. Alex has just been assessed by our equine physiotherapist as having the joints of a 10 year old, so far as mobility is concerned. This is a marked increase from previous assessments, thanks to MSM and Cartilage Care. I also believe that the supplementation with MSM- Super Strength has soothed Alex’s discomfort during lamanitic attacks. I believe that MSM super strength, which I give to Alex in a large serving, has helped him both long and short term.  Cartilage Care is also an excellent product."

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